YOU*th Inspire is committed to helping young people achieve social consciousness; an understanding of the world around us and a desire to contribute positively towards it.

We believe that an informed, active and socially conscious young generation is essential to achieve a more fair, cohesive and caring global community.



To build a generation of socially conscious young people, equipped with the inspiration and energy to action meaningful change in the world.

Our Aims

Build a culture of youth activism and social consciousness.

Provide critical approaches to mainstream narratives on human rights, social justice and global affairs.

Build aspirations in young people.

Provide young people with the skills, tools and opportunities to help realise and actualise their potential.     

Widen access to higher education and a diverse range of careers amongst underrepresented groups.



Our Approach

Our work exists outside of the forum of ‘mainstream education’ and provides young people with important and relevant interventions to help them respond to the increasing challenges in today’s world. We provide a critical approach to mainstream issues and creative methods to build skills and personal and social change.

Our approach is unique and has been crafted over years of working directly with young people and responding to their needs. Our creative and alternative approach combines activism, academia and practice. This model is designed to provide young people with an enriching and diverse learning experience that stays with them as they progress through life.

We have a wealth of experience in working with young people all over the UK of varying ages, ability and background. We work with schools, colleges, universities, youth groups and the third sector.

Our programmes are versatile, as are our methods of delivery. We deliver projects in person, run initiatives online, provide resources for educators and create bespoke programmes to suit budgets and needs.