Are you passionate about working with young people and committed to social justice?

If so, get in touch via our contact page explaining why you want to work with us! We are always looking for dynamic and charismatic people to volunteer on our projects including in the following areas:

  • University representatives
  • Social media/Web/Design/Bloggers
  • Educators to help build content 
  • Youth leaders
  • Project delivery


We want to hear from: 

  • Youth organisations
  • Schools, colleges & universities
  • Educators
  • Activists
  • Ethical charities/NGOs
  • Activists/community leaders/social movements
  • Creative change makers; writers, artists, filmmakers, bloggers, photographers etc.
  • Lawyers, legal organisations including law firms, chambers and Inns of Court


Help us grow:

  • Sponsor us
  • Provide venues/facilities/resources for our projects
  • Provide speakers/trainers for our workshops
  • Promote our work
  • Collaborate with us on specific projects- we would love to hear your ideas