YOU*th Inspire is directed by Zeenat Islam, a criminal defence barrister with a background in human rights and international law. She was called to the Bar in 2013 and practises at 25 Bedford Row, the leading criminal defence chambers in the country.

Yi* was founded by Zeenat in 2009 whilst she was studying Law at the University of Warwick, Since graduating, Zeenat has continued to direct the initiative.

Yi* has grown to be a nationwide initiative and worked with young people across the country and collaborated with a number of organisations.

The success of the initiative is demonstrated by the number of awards that have recognised Yi’s work. 



Yi* reminds me that no matter how horrifying the world gets, there will always be people who are inspired to stand up, fight and win against all odds.
What a unique way of inspiring young minds.
I wholeheartedly believe that the lives of my children were changed in those four hours; that they have finally realised that the world is not against them, and that in fact, there is always a way to become what you want.
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"When I think about the world we live in, I am acutely aware of the systematic injustices that exist on a global, national and local level. Yi* was born out of the belief that there must be a collective response to this. We are driven by the belief that the most powerful way to create change is through passionate, activist and socially conscious individuals coming together.

We focus on young people, because they are the future. And it is through them, that there is hope for a better world." 



British Bangladeshi Power and Inspiration List 2016; 2017


Winner of the 'Female Entrepreneur' LifeChangers Awards 2011.


Finalist, Asian Women of Achievement Awards 2011, Social and Humanitarian category.


Finalist in the Women of the Future Awards 2010, Young Star category.


High Commendation Award at the Attorney General Awards 2010 at the House of Lords. 


Julia Kerr Human Rights Award 2010.